I'm an independent software engineer / entrepreneur living between New York City and San Francisco.

I've been programming in one form or other since the mid-1990s. My current focus is native iOS development with Swift, and backend development with Node.js.

I'm interested software that empowers people, and has some social or environmental impact.

Here's a couple fun facts about me:

  • I made an app that was featured on Apple billboards and TV ads
  • I play drums in a cover band
  • I contributed a feature to Ruby on Rails which has been standard in almost every new web framework since
  • I designed and fabricated a 16-bit microprocessor in college, and wrote papers on quantum computing and nanoscale transistors
  • I got my start in programming by writing plugins for a BBS I ran while in middle school

My current focus is making TED the best it can be.

In the past I've been lucky to work with Groupon Grassroots, Orbitz, and Motorola.